nopCommerce new release!
4/9/2009 8:30:13 AM

nopCommerce includes everything you need to begin your e-commerce online store. We have thought of everything and it's all included!

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Created on: 11/14/2015 3:03:32 AM
The wishlist has non
The wishlist has nonhitg to do with the prices.  In order to have it reflect prices you'd have to have a second button for each size print you wanted and that would be too confusing.It's just to give you an easy way to see the prints you might want.  For prices, you'll have to add-to-cart.Dave
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Created on: 11/19/2015 9:30:36 PM
There is lot of simi
There is lot of similarity with the F22 in this<a href=""> dgisen</a>. If this<a href=""> dgisen</a> suits our requirements the best, then we should proceed without worrying too much about the reaction of the rest of the world.
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Created on: 11/20/2015 5:04:59 AM
PowersamuraiSeptember 7, 20121) I want to see how many goals has a goalkeeper secrod in his career. In FM 2012 there's no way to see it and also there is a bug, when every goalkeeper's goals is called his season first.2) I want the earned money as a manager to be actually useful, this means it would be great to spend somehow: houses, cars, etc. I know that many players might not want it, but guys, this would be completely optional. Just an add-on that doesn't change anything but would be welcomed by many.3) More advanced manager contracts. Money rewards for winning a cup, a league, personal awards.4) Random events like a takeover of a club by a billionaire,  birth  of a great manager that wins everything (like Mourinho).5) Great achievements should be adequately announced. In FM 2012 you can win Champions League 3 times in a row and all you get is another message from your happy board or fans. In the real world you would be a worldwide known person, the greatest manager in history. Also there should be some messages about new world's top players. In the current version of FM if there's a great player he simply scores a lot of goals, may gain awards, move to a big club etc. In the real world he would be a huge celebrity, a star, like Ronaldo or Messi. There's no feeling of that in the current FM. [url=]qjjpxgqap[/url] [link=]exqarb[/link]
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Created on: 11/22/2015 12:50:44 PM
PowersamuraiSeptember 7, 20125) It would be great to also see statistics of how the worth of your club has<a href=""> chnaged</a> during the past years, and also ticket prices, player prices (nice to see how the price of a talented youngster of yours grows), attendance. It's very nice if you controll a club for a long time. Also it would be good to manually control ticket and season ticket prices, as FM doesn't make them higher adequately to your achievements (for example when you start a small club and promote to higher leagues, after a few season you end in the top league with ticket prices 500% lower than other clubs').
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Created on: 11/23/2015 11:40:19 PM
Ive seen this great
Ive seen this great australian band from when they stretad with Bon Scott twice and every tour since then with both Razors Edge & both Black Ic... [url=]nqmanojpm[/url] [link=]zlkblfjyisj[/link]